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The Bligny Hospital Center mythical theater was inaugurated in 1934. It culminates in an artistic-therapeutic project that changed the lives of tuberculosis patients at the beginning of the 20th century. It is bubbling with life, b
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The THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY, November 2015

The THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY was built in the heart of the former sanatorium of the Bligny hill, straddling the towns of Briis-sous-Forges and Fontenay-lès-Briis, historical partners of Bligny since 1093, in the Seine & Oise of the time, Essonne today.

It was built in one year and inaugurated on Thursday, September 19, 1934.

The first façade project for the Théâtre de Bligny (above) did not please the owners. The architect, Mr. Armand Colin was asked to review his copy. The third proposal finally convinced. This is the facade we know.

The THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY is an Art deco pastiche building of Mexican architecture, it presents an unexpected facade in a health facility.

Its hemmed line, its three round windows, its rim-shaped bell and its repeatingly patterned wrought iron doors, such as its iron and aluminum railing staircases (a novelty in the Années Folles) are representative of the profusion architectural of the time.

The THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY at the end of the Second World War

Originally equipped with 625 seats in molded wood, with orchestra and balcony, a narrow stage cabaret format, and an orchestra pit added in 1958, the THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY is from its birth an exemplary equipment in the service residents.

The Former THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY stage in 1958, the Saint Catherine day with its traditional bells horn

Place of experimentation and novelty, it will also give many cinematographic previews and performances of songs from the end of the Second World War. The filmmaker Claude Autant-Lara had his habits.

The first screening of the French version of the "Kwai River Bridge" will take place at the THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY the day before the premiere at the Grand Rex in Paris. Indeed, one of the American producers of the film remembered having been saved in Bligny during the First World War.

The great producer Jacques Canetti, discoverer of the now legendary singers of the 50s and 60s said: "If Bligny laughs, Paris will laugh! - If Bligny likes, Paris will love! ". His foals are also all come: Greco, Brel, Brassens, Noël-Noël ...

This poster made in 1912 does not have to blush next to those presented at the same time in the windows of the greats Parisian theaters

In the 21st century, after immense efforts, the THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY has regained its former vocation: the happy meeting of artists and the public.

The making of shows in plain sight, and the joy of the public of the Pays-de-Limours and hospitalized patients of the Bligny Hospital Center.

The THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY today seen from the enlarged and reconstructed stage

The THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY activity has allowed the Bligny Hospital Center to receive the national "Culture & Santé" label, three times in a row since 2013.

The artists of the THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY have been running art-emulation workshops with hospitalized patients as part of the interminitrial "Culture à l’hôpital" program since 2011.

"The vanquished cockroach!" Costumed operetta created on the Bligny hill in 1921

Distinguished for its remarkable architecture, and its long artistic and cultural life, the THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY has been registered in the heritage of regional interest in Île-de-France since 2018.

project description

The projection room of the THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY (today office and library) in the 40s

In 1971, after 35 years of projects for artists and spectators, the THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY closed with a final film session. It then serves as a storage room for all the rejects of the hospital and playground for the children of Bligny.

It comes out of its long sleep in the year 2000. Completely rebuilt from the inside, modernized and re-equipped, it now has 206 red velvet armchairs on steep terraces, a large plateau of 120 m², a motorized grill and the sound and light equipment that make the big scenes.

In 2014, on the occasion of 80 years of theater, the facade overlooking the square is restored to the same. The other three sides of the building have been secured, but have never been restored.

Today, the building needs to be restored:

The cornices supporting the gutters and the projection of the roof look sad and their deterioration has accelerated in recent years: the side awnings with their wooden frame and their roof tiles do not have the morale either

It is important, urgent to intervene before it is too late to save this treasure in danger!

The Bligny artists hope that a residue from this collection will also save the theater's "pearl necklace". In fact, a dozen wooden kiosks or iron structures once adorned the 87 hectare park on Bligny hill.

Degraded by time, it took the hospital's technical services to destroy the majority, because they had become dangerous. There are only four left. One of them has been restored by volunteers, the other three are on the verge of ruin ...

WHAT will serve collection ?

To complete the restoration work of the theater and secure it for 50 years; and maybe to save his famous "pearl necklace" ...

Stage 1 : 5 000 €, which will allow us to stop the rapid degradation and begin the most urgent restoration of the cornices surrounding the theater.

Study the images more closely


Stage 2 : 8 000 €, which will allow us to finance the first part of the restoration of the side awnings: Resumption of the wood frame, painting and treatment and painting of the wood in the original colors (yellow and blue), takeover of the tile roof, restoration of the stairs, restoration of electricity in the original glass globes, the last still in place.

The awning protecting the "garden" exit of the theater hall is also in a worrying state. The wood frame of the roof is worm-eaten, the pillars have lost their plaster in places, degraded everywhere else, the tiles ask to be replaced, the formwork repaints, the light reinstalled in the last glass globes still in place.

Study the images more closely : https://24f52e68-0411-410f-bc17-60885144114d.filesusr.com/ugd/5a89b1_a939fefa72cb4afa9f1f49598305a649.pdf

The canopy side "Court" overlooking the theater hall is not better off. The white stone staircase is infested with very stubborn lichens that darken the surface and require shock treatment. As in "Jardin", the wooden frame that supports the tile roof regularly checked by the technical services of the hospital also requires a vigorous recovery. As on the other side, the columns plastered have not yet been taken back, they are in the state of restoration of the 60s.

Stage 3 : 15 000 €, which will complete the restoration of the secure cornices in step 1. Work at height, masonry, resumption of gutters, connections with the frame and the roof. Long-term sealing, painting.

On this section also: the restoration of the white stone stairs of Chambord of the side staircase quoted Court, to readjust the steps which moved slightly and to release them of the resistant lichens which darken the stones (Also the step of white stone of the entrance under canopy garden side)

The THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY in 2012, before the restoration of the facade overlooking the forecourt, carried out during the summer of 2014, in anticipation of the building's 80th anniversary celebrations on September 19th of the same year.

Stage 4 : 17 000 €, which will complete the restoration of the cornice - an important position - to finalize all the exterior restoration work and give back to the THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY all its luster; prepare it to approach the decades to come with tranquility, to weather the weather and thermal shocks of climate change, and all the hazards that degrade inevitably builds everything, especially old buildings. No more heavy work outside before 30 years. 


Beyond : Restoration of two kiosks of the "pearl necklace" of the Theater of Bligny: Carpentry in wood and metal framework and roofing tiles, restoration of rock gardens, restoration of the remains of the frescoes made by residents of Bligny in the 1910s, replacement of the missing parts by contemporary artists in the naive style of the time.

This shelter, which dates back to the 1930s, is the last stopping point with a metallic structure in Bligny Park. This one was called "the bench of the tired". Indeed, at the time when Bligny hill was home to a sanatorium, some boarders could not do the whole walk circuit and stopped there, three hundred meters from the buildings, to rest, chat or play. charades, cards or chess, then return, while the others continued the daily ballad. This shelter is very strongly degraded, even if the metal structure is still viable. Its wooden frame is very damaged. It does not represent immediate danger though. If this "Eiffelian" kiosk disappears, it's a whole story of the Bligny hill that will vanish into oblivion.

Study the images more closely : https://24f52e68-0411-410f-bc17-60885144114d.filesusr.com/ugd/5a89b1_f17f65173ff8407c84eea282da1cc7ff.pdf


The penultimate booth in wood and cob that has not been demolished due to obsolescence too advanced is in a bad state. The technical services have replaced some roof tiles to slow down the fatal degradation of the frame which is still almost viable, by a miracle. We can see a touching vestige of frescoes painted on plaster by the boarders of the first part of the twentieth century: we can hardly see buildings painted yellow, and red roofs. The artists of the Bligny Theater dream of being able to restore this relic and realize by painters the complement now disappeared on the inside perimeter of the kiosk.

Study the images more closely: https://24f52e68-0411-410f-bc1... 

Above, in the center of a clearing, the booth called "embroiderers" is the only one to have been completely restored in 2008 by volunteers. It was decided to keep the original tiles that were left with their moss on the renovated carpentry. It has found its original green color to melt in the forest ... Once restored, the "pearl necklace" of the Théâtre de Bligny will be used for musical, theatrical or poetic strolls; at stages of treasure races for young audiences, or as puppet kiosks; or as a stop-over or rendez-vous for patients on a walk in the spring or summer in the 87-hectare (fully fenced) forest of Bligny Hill.


The non profit THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY ASSOCIATION is the operator of the THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY. It has operating licenses and supports the delegate she has chosen and to whom she entrusted the day-to-day management of the theater.

If the presidency of the Hospital Center presides over the destiny of the building in the long term; If the hospital management monitors the safety equipment, the THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY ASSOCIATION is tackling the arduous and exhilarating task of keeping the theater up and running, replacing obsolete or outdated equipment, and ensuring balance of activities that take place there. 

The association is composed of the representatives of the Bligny Hospital Center, the management and the staff; representatives of Fontenay-lès-Briis and Briis-sous-Forges, Bligny's two partner municipalities since 1903, and a representative of the Communauté de communes in an advisory capacity.

The THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY ASSOCIATION is chaired by Mrs. Geneviève Dichamp, co-director of the Théâtre Montansier in Versailles.


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- The municipalities of Fontenay lès-Briis and Briis-sous-Forges, historical partners of Bligny since 1903

- La communauté de Communes du Pays de Limours (local elected assembly)

- Le conseil départemental de l’Essonne (territory elected assembly)

- La DRAC Île-de-France (local représentatives of the 
Ministry of Culture)

L'Agence Régionale de Santé Île-de-France (local representative of ministry or health)

Le Conseil Régional d’Île-de-France (Elected Regional Assembly)

- Le Centre Hospitalier de Bligny.

- La Compagnie Théâtrale de la Cité. (Group of delegated artists of the Théâtre de Bligny)

- Le théâtre Antoine Vitez d'Ivry-sur-Seine (Coproducer)

- Le Parisien (National newspaper)

- Radio Évasion. (Local radio)

thanks you to all donors ! Continue to follow us !

Thank you !

Your extraordinary gesture fills with joy artists, the public and all those who love the arts.

Thanks to you too, to your vision, to your discernment, to your disinterestedness, to your generosity, the THÉÂTRE DE BLIGNY can project itself into the future.

We hope to meet you very soon on the occasion of the Donor's Evening we are already preparing in secret for you.

We all think you deserve the best.

The program of this exceptional and memorable evening will exceed all your expectations.

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