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Marie Chantal Revalor

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I am an old small Defense Castle of the Middle Ages, and a few leagues from the Royal Fortress of Najac and the Royal Bastide of Villefranche de Rouergue in Aveyron.

Certainly of very humble origin, belonging to several co-lords, Vassaux of the Count of Toulouse. I am remodeled in the eighteenth, I become "residence" by passing into the hands of a Noble Robe. Then I go into "second home" and finish alone and uninhabited for decades.
In 2005, with Marie-Chantal and Michel I reborn. But in these modern times it's hard to stay in good condition, and I have some problems with sealing ... the revenues from my Bed and Breakfast do not allow Marie-Chantal and Michel to stay there. remedy  .....

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