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The renovation of the exhibition rooms (specially designed in 1893 and classified as a Historic Monument in 2004) will allow the Museum of the Fan to play its role as an essential element in the Parisian cultural scene and to be a learning space for all.


Founded in 1993 on the initiative of Hervé HOGUET, the Museum of the Fan (in French Le Musée de l'Eventail) transports us from the end of the 16th century to today.

The collection now contains more than 3,000 pieces, most of which have been lovingly acquired by Hervé HOGUET throughout his career and by his daughter Anne. However, new acquisitions continue to enrich and complete it. Sumptuous or anecdotal, they are all the reflection of a passion and a charm always moving.

Between power and seduction, these little refined objects rustle of history and sulphurous historiettes. Both female and mirrors of the times they go through, they are presented here in the last place specially designed for this purpose.

The Museum of the Fan is located at 2 boulevard de Strasbourg - 75010 Paris.

Part of the collection is presented in the showroom created in 1893 by fan-makers LEPAULT and DEBERGHE. This room, preserved in its original state, is of Henri II style with a monumental fireplace and walnut storage furniture. The walls are covered with blue cloth embroidered with gold thread, and on the coffered ceiling hang three chandeliers surmounted by a crown.

A second room shows the work of the tabletier, a profession performed by three generations of the HOGUET family. Are presented the technique of: the design of the frame of the fan from raw materials (mother of pearl, ivory, shell, bone, wood ...) and the workbenches and tools used until its completion.

A final room is partly devoted to the work of the fan-maker, which consists in dressing the mount of the fan with painted or embroidered silks, lace and feathers. The other part is reserved for the restoration of old pieces.

At the same time heir to a long century-old tradition, conservatory of know-how and techniques of another time, depository of a fund of fans and materials collected, the Museum of the Fan occupies a unique place in the world. It is the only one in the world to have remained in its original state since 1893 and to have an exceptional fund of preparatory drawings kept in the Hoguet family for more than 150 years.

Its collections currently have no equivalent in France, and it is advisable to turn to the Museum of the Fan (England) and the Deutsches Fächer Museum Foundation in Bielefeld (Germany) to find two institutions with comparable collections.


The goal of this project is to make this place a living space, open to creation, training and sharing of ancestral know-how. Open to contemporary creators (artists and designers), the Fan Museum will be a lively place, still in activity where tradition and invention coexist.

To meet this objective, the museum must be renovated to meet the security requirements of any establishment open to the public. The organization of the spaces must be redesigned to highlight the fans, materials and tools presented, notably thanks to adapted lighting. It will also help to give pedagogy its full dimension by creating a space dedicated to schools.


First phase :

Security: fire and intrusion: 7,000 € 

Phase two:

Bring electrical upgrades : 5,000 € 

Phase three:

The room where the fans are stored: 6,000 €

Phase four:

Lighting: 10,000 € 

The training room and workshop for children: 15,000 €

Renovation of the walls: 15,000 € 


Reinstallation of the historical sign MH : 5,000 € 

Installation of panels outside the museum : 1,000 €

Redevelopment of the shop: 25,000 €

Replacing the windows: 20,000 €

Reinstalling the historical MH stained glass : 10,000 € 

Plastering, painting and wall covering: 15,000 € 

Upgrading electrical installations: 10,000 € 

Architect's and Supervisor's fees: 15,000 € 


I am director of the workshop-museum of the fan. I wish to perpetuate this heritage and pursue the cultural and artistic development around the fan.


You can support this project:

- by making a donation online by credit card on this page after registration on the Dartagnans website

- by making a bank transfer after registration on the Dartagnans website

- by sending a check, on the back of which you will include your e-mail address, written to the following order "Atelier Hoguet", sent to the following address:



15 rue de Milan

75009 PARIS


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We would like to thank you for your generosity and hope that your gesture will save this heritage. Sincerely.

Email adress: [email protected] 

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