How it works ?

  • Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding is a financing tool, which permits the general public to collectively raise funds in order to support a specific project or venture. In 2014, this alternative method of funding attracted over 1 million patrons and over 150 million euros were invested in projects through crowdfunding platforms, in France alone.

  • What is Dartagnans ?

    Dartagnans is comprised of patrons who are willing to actively contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage in France, by inviting their social circle (and extended social network) to contribute financially to its participatory sponsorship.

    Dartagnans is an internet platform and communication output for foundations, associations, individuals and government agencies who which ? need help in financing and developing their projects.

    Dartagnans connects directly with project holder patrons, ready to engage collectively and financially to save and protect French heritage: collection 2.0.

    One of our main principles is the “gift against gift”. In exchange for their participation, patrons receive exclusive gift rewards and may also benefit from tax cuts*
    (*in accordance with the law and sponsorship projects permitting)

    Through the promotion of crowdfunding, Dartagnans provides a useful tool which enables project developers and patrons to exchange and create links between themselves. We facilitate their communicative and financial exchanges, for the sole purpose of preserving our unique heritage.

    Dartagnans wishes to create and expand its platform so that sponsorship is available to one and all!

  • Which type of project do we support?

    Dartagnans primary mission is to highlight projects in which the public can actively participate in the influence of French cultural heritage.

    Dartagnans offers you the opportunity to participate financially and collectively, not only in projects that directly affect you but also in historical projects, which contribute to the richness of our country.

    Perhaps you would like to become involved in the renovation of statues, châteaux, churches, in the preservation of gardens or, in cultural events/projects which promote the French brand, like an exhibition or a sporting event, the safeguarding of a festival or the conservation of a work of art. Whatever the project, Dartagnans is here to provide you with the support that you need.

    In order to you to have a better understanding of the different types of projects that we support, we invite you to click on the link “Discover the Projects”. If you have a project that you would like to propose, simply click on the link “Create a Project”.

  • You are the project leader

    Looking for funding to contribute to the promotion and preservation of cultural heritage in France? Need a tool to manage the project?

    Dartagnans is the solution that you need.

    Dartagnans est à vos côtés pour vous accompagner et diffuser toute la campagne de collecte de dons.

    Pour plus d’informations, cliquez sur « Aide aux porteurs de projets » ou envoyez nous un mail à [email protected]

  • Pour les mécènes

    S’inscrire sur Dartagnans va vous permettre de :

    - Financer les projets qui vous tiennent à cœur et communiquer avec les autres mécènes ainsi que le porteur de projet.

    - Recevoir des contreparties correspondantes à votre financement.

    - Avoir une déduction d’impôt lorsque vous financerez des projets d’intérêt général selon les dispositions de la loi mécénat.

    - Suivre le projet que vous avez soutenu.

    - Mettre en ligne vos propres projets pour avoir de la visibilité et vous faire financer par les autres mécènes.

    - Recevoir la newsletter qui mettra en ligne des projets prometteurs.