Chapelle des Feuillants : un dôme à relever !

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The Association le Chant des Feuillants is restoring the Chapelle des Feuillants to offer a future cultural and artistic space to the city of Poitiers.

The chapel of the feuillants 

The chapel of the Feuillants, located in the heart of Poitiers, was part of the convent of the Feuillants and then of the convent of the ladies of the Sacred Heart.  The convent having been transformed into an EHPAD, the chapel was abandoned and it could be acquired on May 31, 2018.  

Last year, it celebrated its bicentenary since the first stone was laid in 1818.  The building fits in well with its time with its neoclassical architecture tinged with Italianism and its Philibert de l'Orme structure: an element of the Enlightenment heritage that is quite rare in France. 

This type of roof was invented to cope with the shortage of wood in the 16th century.  To replace the beam logues, smaller woods are assembled together. 

Philibert Delorme is in a way the inventor of glulam and has been a real success. 

Today, Philibert Delorme roofs have become rare and there are only a few of them in France. 


Le Chant des Feuillants, is an association created in early 2018 to carry out this heritage and cultural project. Its ambition is to completely restore the chapel to its former glory. After the rehabilitation, it will become a place of exchange and culture, dynamic and open to all, part of its identity and history. 

Its roof is in an advanced state of deterioration. It no longer protects exterior masonry or the structure and interior. A restoration of these is to be urgently considered in order to stop the active alteration of the building and to save a treasure from our heritage heritage. 

The semi-elliptical dome above the rectangular lead drum also shows an advanced state of active degradation with regard to infiltration into the interior and its external appearance.

Last March, the planning permission was submitted and obtained in July. 

Tenders have been issued and work is imminent.

Restoring the dome is the priority. Its subsidence requires a total demolition of the dome in order to change the four corner stones. 


The complete restoration of the roof represents a high cost. The total amount is €898,920.

The renovation of the dome amounts to €227,500.

Le Chant des Feuillants thanks the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs for their participation in the work.

Other grant applications are in progress.

The Dartagnans collection will make it possible to finance part of the work on the dome.

The first stage of 3000€ will be dedicated to the restoration of the cross. 

The second step at €10,000 will be used to replace a corner stone.

If we reach 35 000€, the four corner stones will be replaced.

Qui sommes-nous ?

Le Chant des Feuillants is the story of a beautiful discovery. At the beginning of 2018, Agnès Ramé, 32-year-old Poitevine, fell under the charm of a neoclassical jewel: the Chapelle des Feuillants. 

Why are such monuments abandoned?

Our heritage is rich and yet a large number of churches, chapels and castles are falling into ruins due to a lack of resources and time. 

How can we, as private individuals, find a destination that allows these places to revive, radiate, reinvent themselves and preserve the memory of our elders?

These buildings inspired many of our ancestors. It is our turn to mobilize so that they can once again inspire and amaze new generations.

You can support this project:

- by making an online donation by credit card on this page after registration on the Dartagnans website

- by making a bank transfer after registration on the Dartagnans website

- by sending a cheque, on the back of which you will indicate your e-mail address, made at the following order "Association le Chant des Feuillants", sent to the following address:

Toiture de la chapelle des Feuillants
15 rue de Milan
75009 PARIS



Institutional and/or private support 

Franck Ferrand

Hugues Aufray 


We thank each and every one of you who contribute to the restoration of our French heritage. Each donation is promising for the chapel of the Feuillants. 

[email protected]

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