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Longues Abbey 

 Founded in the twelfth century, the Benedictine Abbey of St. Mary of Longues in the Bessin, offers an exceptional testimony of Norman religious life in the Middle Ages, but also its architecture and its decorative arts. Born in the ardent medieval faith, it gradually declined until its closure in the eighteenth century and was converted into a farm. These multiple transformations have left their traces, led to destruction and changes in the use of buildings, to which is added the inexorable action of time. The courageous restoration of the abbey undertaken in the twentieth century by its successive owners now make it a flagship of Normandy heritage, classified as a historic monument in 2006. Around the abbey house, the visitor will admire the remains of the abbey framed of gardens.

Project display 

 In order to keep the Abbey, we first opened a cottage in 2012, the only Calvados located in an Abbey: 

This year, on the occasion of the 850th anniversary of its founding, we are multiplying initiatives: 

 - Adhesion to the association of the Norman Abbeys: http: //www.abbayes-normandes.c ... 

 - Creation of an association of friends: https: // ... 

 - Hiring a trainee to open the entire high season and seek funding. 

 - Multiplication of cultural events from May to August, relayed by the local press, radio stations (RCF Calvados Manche, Radio Bleue Normandy) or the magazine press (the quarterly "Heritage Normand" from April to June). 

 These events are anchored in a process of valorization of Bessin heritage and cultural mediation. Our goal is to preserve and promote the influence of the Abbey in the village, Calvados and Normandy by opening more and better to visit and welcoming groups and making known the Abbey. 

 Thus, the abbey organizes a cycle of 5 conferences in the former refectory all provided by historians of the region. Similarly, throughout May, we hosted on site the exhibition "Golden Age of Norman Abbeys" (1066-204), a traveling exhibition that attracted a large audience. 

 August 15, feast of the Assumption and therefore of St. Mary's Abbey, the parish mass will be celebrated at the Abbey followed by a picnic and a torchlight procession led by Bishop Boulanger, the Bishop of the Diocese . 

 The Abbey will resonate to the sound of baroque music on Friday, August 17, as part of the festival "Embruns 2018" organized by the ADTLB, we will welcome the ensemble "The Tempesta" led by Mr. Bismuth and paying tribute to Jean-Baptiste Couperin and Marin Marais.

What will the collection be used for? 

 In order to carry out these missions and to be able to organize all these events, we now need you! In order to welcome visitors to the abbey, we urgently need to carry out accessibility works for people with reduced mobility. 

These works amount to a cost of € 82,569, here is the breakdown of our financing: 

We therefore ask you for an amount of 9 000 €.

Pallier 1: 2500 € which will be used to finance the electrician

Pallier 2: 3000 € which will be used to finance the plumber

Pallier 3: 3500 € which will be used to finance the roofer

If collection is exceeded ...

Once this accessibility project is completed, our project is to allow the public access to the choir of the church, currently closed to the visit.

How to support our project? 

You can support our project: 

 - by an online donation on this page, after registration and connection on 

 - by bank transfer on this page, after registration and connection on 

 - by sending a check payable to the family of Anglejan, specifying your email, to the following address: 


 Longue Abbey Campaign 

 1 Rue de Châteaudun 

 75009 Paris 



 We thank you in advance for your generous donations! Every donation counts a lot for us!      

Contact us : 

 Longues Abbey 

 17 rue de l'Abbaye 

 14400 Longues sur Mer      

[email protected] 

 02 31 21 78 41 

 Social network links and website Facebook page: 

https: // ... 

 Website: https: //www.abbayes-normandes .... 

 Instagram page: https: // ... 

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