L'abbaye de Boscodon, une approche symbolique

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Abbaye de Boscodon : une nouvelle publication sur la symbolique !

Who are we ? 

 A 12th century abbey Located in a beautiful mountain setting, 1150m above sea level, the Abbey of Boscodon is a Romanesque building of the twelfth century. Classified as a historical monument, it is located in the forest of Boscodon above Lake Serre-Ponçon. In the Middle Ages, it is the largest abbey in the region and the main house of the monastic order of Chalais. 

 After the disappearance of the order of Chalais in the fourteenth century, she became a Benedictine. 

 In the 18th century, the abbey was confiscated by the archbishop of Embrun who turned it into a logging center. At the Revolution, sold as "National Good", it will house several families and a school, becoming a real small rural hamlet. 

An association, the rebirth of a place

From 1972, all buildings are gradually bought by the Association of Friends of the Abbey of Boscodon. After 40 years of work, the abbey of Boscodon regains its original quadrangular shape. Today, the Association wants this venue, open all year round, to offer activities for everyone (visits and cultural programming) and remains a permanent place to live thanks to the presence of a resident community.

The story of a rebirth

Publications that contribute to the life of the place,

The project: a new publication on the symbolic

Since 1972, the association has published 8 notebooks, 6 booklets, 3 collections of poems. All allowed the financing of the restoration. In recent years we have published the "beautiful book" of the abbey: Boscodon, Chassais abbey and reissued the notebook 8.

Today, these publications help to preserve an open and lively place all year round.

Jean Ébrard (vice-president of the association and head of the publications commission) proposes an in-depth book on the symbolic approach of the abbey of Boscodon.

It is the result of many years of experience in which he has accompanied many groups of visitors interested in this theme.

This book will consist of approximately one hundred and twenty pages, text and photos. Designed to make this fascinating subject at the hands of everyone, but sometimes difficult to access, the author has chosen a pedagogical presentation and has avoided, as far as possible, the vocabulary difficulties that such a subject may present. It is therefore accessible to all those who want to go further in the understanding of the art of the builders, of the medieval time, and the spirituality so particular carried by the stones of the abbey.

Like a whispered invitation, this book immerses the reader in the medieval mentality.

Spiritual universe between visible, veiled and invisible? Between architectural and musical aesthetics? Quest for meaning between faith and reason?

Our publications

What will the collection be used for? 

 The collection will be used to finance printing costs: 

 1600 €: graphic design 

 2100 €: printing in 600 copies 

 1500 €: shipping costs 

 500 €: participatory website commission If collection is exceeded ... 

 The association may consider publishing a book on the order of Chalais. The Chalais order was born in the 12th century in Voreppe on the south side of the Chartreuse. Contemporary and close to Cistercians in every respect, the Chalaisians have developed like them a sparse aesthetic: absence of frescoes and sculptures. In addition, all the abbeys of the Order of Chalais are part of the tradition of Romanesque art, which also stands out for its simplicity and sobriety. What is sought is a harmony that puts the human being in the proximity of the divine. 

 How to support this project? 

 - by an online donation on this page, after registration and connection on www.dartagnans.fr 

 - by bank transfer on this page, after registration and connection on www.dartagnans.fr 

 - by sending a check to the order of the friends of the abbey of Boscodon, specifying your address email, with the following address: 


 Boscodon Abbey Campaign 

 1 Rue de Châteaudun 

 75009 Paris France 

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 To all our members who have been supporting us for so many years. 

 Contact e-mail: [email protected]


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