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Abandoned for nearly 100 years, the fairy tale French castle of La Mothe Chandeniers has been coming back to life since 2018 thanks to an international community of thousands of enthusiasts. What if you joined the adventure?


Located in the famous Loire Valley in France, la Mothe Chandeniers is a singular, mysterious and romantic monument. It seems to have come straight out of a fairy tale. Throughout its history, it has known sumptuous glory, abandonment, daring reconstruction, a dramatic fire and astonishing survival.

From the abandoned ruin to its first Michelin star!

In 2017, the start-up Dartagnans launched the crazy bet to collectively save this ruin of a thousand faces. After a record campaign mobilizing more than 20,000 enthusiasts from all over the world, 2 years of work, 200 volunteer workcamps and more than 50,000 visitors, the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers has just received its first star from the Michelin green guide!

What a long way since the first days of this collective adventure!

Award ceremony of the 1st star Michelin green guide by Philippe Orain, international director of the Michelin green guide

This great reward marks a key step in our adventure.

The next step is to significantly accelerate the development of the castle by offering accommodation.

Next step: waking up facing the castle

Thanks to the mobilization of the community and new co-lords, we are now certain of being able to buy the historic dovecote, the terraced house and the new land.

This unique opportunity will allow our project to continue to develop its tourist offer with the creation of 5 junior suites for the 2023 season and thus strengthen our ability to undertake major work on the castle.

We have proven since the beginning of the adventure that nothing was impossible. Let's continue to mobilize together!

**Last phase of the campaign: key dates**

In order to allow all those who have received a voucher (box) to transform it into an action of the SAS de la Mothe Chandeniers, the campaign remains open until November 18th, 2022.

After this deadline of November 18th, 2022, the value of the voucher it represents will be transformed into an anonymous donation and the beneficiary of the voucher will not have the associated part.

For logistical reasons, the purchase of vouchers (gift boxes) for a third party will only be possible until October 18th.

An architectural gem that has become a masterpiece of nature

Ravaged by fire on 13 March 1932, the castle of La Mothe Chandeniers, whose foundations date back to the 13th century, was narrowly saved from total destruction.

Little by little, the castle fell into oblivion, but over the years it has been able to invent itself a new life where nature and architecture live in perfect symbiosis.


Heritage preservation through collective purchasing of castles

The castle's destiny took a major turn in 2018, when tens of thousands of heritage lovers from all over the world joined forces to save it and bring it back to life. 

Dartagnans, through its concept of collective purchasing, is at the initiative of this unique heritage preservation project in the world. 

The Château de la Mothe Chandeniers today holds the world record for a heritage preservation project and is the first castle to have been saved and opened to the public thanks to this unique concept.

Dartagnans was able, in just a few years, to build an international community of 40,000 shareholders and co-lords, to save 3 historical monuments (the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers, the medieval Château de l'Ebaupinay and the Château de Vibrac) and to invest more than 6.5 million in its renovation and animation programs.


Join the world's largest community of castle saviors

Heritage and French castle lovers, this is the perfect opportunity to join the wonderful family of la Mothe Chandeniers and to participate in the development of this journey!

Like several tens of thousands of people in the world, join this unique human adventure in the world and become a member of the largest community of castle saviors.

Since the purchase of the castle in 2018, the community of La Mothe Chandeniers has done everything to save and bring this fairy tale castle back to life.

Take part in amazing projects

Extraordinary projects have been carried out: the castle opened to the public in record time, conservation work has been undertaken and the Mothe Chandeniers has welcomed tens of thousands of amazed visitors since its opening to the public. 

The co-châtelains and shareholders of la Mothe Chandeniers took up all the challenges and were able to revive the legend of this fairy tale castle!

The Château de la Mothe Chandeniers wishes to continue on the path of innovation, where preservation of heritage rhymes with tourist and cultural development. 

Today, we have the possibility to expand the domain and purchase the oldest buildings of the Mothe Chandeniers. This acquisition would allow us to considerably accelerate the development of the castle and to reunite the Mothe Chandeniers with its oldest building.

After the success of the first fundraising campaigns, a new page is opening in the journey of this incredible castle

Taking part in this project is the opportunity to participate even more directly in the restoration and preservation of our heritage

It's also the possibility to join a fantastic human adventure, as confirmed to us each time by the enthusiasts of the Châteaux de la Mothe Chandeniers, Ebaupinay, Vibrac and, more recently, the Château de Boulogne.


The magical castle of La Mothe Chandeniers is at your fingertips!

In return for your investment of 79 euros, you become co-châtelain and shareholder of the company of the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers, future 100% owner of the castle.

Your benefits:

free entry for life for self-guided visits,

• the possibility of participating in volunteer workcamps,

access to the private community of co-châtelains,

one vote per share at the General Assembly where decisions are made concerning the future of the castle,

and a tax exemption on your investment for French residents (see section exempting my investment from tax).

By participating in the adventure as a shareholder and co-lord, you contribute directly to the development of the project, to the rescue of the castle and to the growth of the company.


Would you like to gift a share to a loved one? It's possible! In this case, you need to acquire a box containing a numbered card, which will allow you to pre-pay the share. 

Your loved one (or yourself, if you wish to offer yourself a box), can become a holder of a share without paying a euro by using the numbered card.

This simple and secured system allows you to turn your loved ones into true co-châtelains (co-lords) and shareholders of a French castle!


Each investor benefits from the privileges of the co-châtelains presented below. 

Of course, acquiring more shares (whether by buying shares or receiving boxes) can accelerate the castle's restoration and economic development projects.


We are getting closer every day to our ultimate goal: financing the restoration of the Castle, its Chapel and annex buildings through the creation of a unique tourist offer.

It has now been four years since our great adventure began. Four great years of exchanges, encounters and projects, which today lead us to a new milestone in the journey of the castle: the acquisition of the Historic Dovecote, the Annex House and New Land. 

The completion of this new project will allow us to considerably accelerate the development of the castle and to reunite the Mothe Chandeniers with its oldest building.

The domain today:

The future domain:

This new purchase includes:

1/ The annex house: 292m2 


Exterior and interior view of the terraced house

2/ The historical dovecote: this building represents a real historical and architectural interest for our project. Dating from the 13th century, it's the oldest building on site. Spared during the great fire of March 13, 1932, its two pivoting ladders which allowed, around a central axis, to recover the eggs and clean the some 1070 putlogs are still in good condition today.


Dovecote and stable around 1900

Exterior and interior views of the dovecote in its current state

3 / Additional land: 8000m2

The purchase of these outbuildings will allow us to offer an additional accommodation offer from 2023 and thus considerably accelerate the development of the castle by taking advantage of a significant additional source of income.

Projection of the interior of the renovated and furnished terraced house



The economic development and restoration project for the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers will take place in successive stages. Each reaching of a level will allow the realization of additional elements of development and/or restoration, to constantly control the budget of the operation.

By participating in the adventure as a shareholder and co-châtelain, you contribute directly to the development of the project, to the rescue of the castle and to the growth of the company.


More than 200 volunteer workcamps have taken place since 2018

All our achievements would not have been possible without the dedication of our incredible community of co-châtelains and volunteers. Thanks to them, the Mothe Chandeniers project is growing day by day. 

Through these workcamps, every shareholder can be as involved as they want in the development of our castle and we are lucky to be able to share unforgettable moments all together.

The purchase of the castle, in March 2018

From its launch, the project of buying and saving La Mothe Chandeniers was met with extraordinary enthusiasm and touched thousands of people from all over the world. This unprecedented mobilization allowed us to realize our dream in record time: buy the castle and open it to the public.

 The purchase of the park and the chapel, in June 2018

We then had the opportunity to expand the estate by acquiring the park and the chapel. This allowed us to set up a parking area, to welcome visitors and to offer a unique event program in the park and the chapel.

View of the chapel 

The castle restoration program, initiated in January 2019

The big challenge of the restoration program, led by the architects Carsten Hanssen on the building and Arnauld Delacroix on the landscape, is to renovate the castle while at the same preserving the unique and magical greenery in and around the castle

We were thus able to consolidate the ruins, secure the estate and, in less than a year, open the inner courtyard of the castle to visitors while preserving the luxurious vegetation inside the castle grounds.

Creation of the event space, inaugurated in October 2021

The beautiful event space, built by the Ateliers Delattre in the park overlooking the castle, will satisfy the many requests for privatization and will welcome visitors throughout the year for exceptional events.

400 m2 of surface to be privatized for events, seminars and weddings.

Installation of 4 ecolodges, opening scheduled for spring/summer 2022

In addition to the transformation of our outbuildings into a hotel and reception rooms, 4 ecolodges, made of natural materials, are being installed in the castle grounds. We will be offering a unique accommodation offer on the castle grounds this summer.

Events: 24 events organized since the castle opened

Having become the most famous fairy tale castle in the world, the Domaine de la Mothe Chandeniers also lives again thanks to its many visitors. Since its opening to the public and despite the difficult sanitary context of these last two years, we have been able to host four wonderful seasons at the castle.

We have great memories of the Nuit des Châteaux event, last October, which inaugurated our event space for the exiting Gatsby evening. 

Nuit des châteaux, October 2021

For the first time, we offered our visitors a magical visit in and around the castle for the end-of-year celebrations. More than 3000 enchanted visitors discovered our castle from a completely different angle!

The Féeriques event, December 2021

Visitors: more than 52,000 visitors since the castle opened

La Mothe Chandeniers today offers a unique spectacle in the world and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the globe. Despite the health context that did not allow us to open during the entire 2020 and 2021 seasons, we have been able to welcome more than 52,000 visitors to the castle since its opening.



The share with the “Ma Part du Château” box: for yourself or for your loved ones 

To subscribe to a share for yourself or to offer an option to a loved one with the "Ma Part du Château" collector's box, simply click on the button: "Buy an option for a third party".

If you wish to take more than one, simply indicate the number of boxes you wish to receive when paying.

Inside is a uniquely numbered membership card.


Note 1: The box must be activated before the end of the campaign. After this period, the value of the option it represents will be transformed into an anonymous donation in favor of the SAS du Château de la Mothe Chandeniers company and the beneficiary of the option/box will not benefit from the associated share and will therefore not be a shareholder. The value of the option and the associated delivery costs will not be refunded to the buyer.

Note 2: Delivery: Boxes are sent every month.  For boxes sent outside of France, delays may be added due to postal and customs specificities of the countries. Attention, if several options (boxes) are ordered, only one delivery address can be indicated. In order to be able to send the boxes to several different addresses, you will have to redo the procedure for each box.

While waiting to receive your box and in case you want to offer it, you can download and print the following document: 

Gift certificate

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> How to activate my box?

> How to find my unique code?

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The amount of the tax reduction is calculated on the basis of payments made during a
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✓ Subscription to the initial capital or to a capital increase of an unlisted SME
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✓ Conservation by the taxpayer of the securities acquired for at least 5 years as of its
✓ Be a natural person whose tax residence is located in France
✓ Carry over his investment on the 2042 C declaration.

What amounts?

> 50 000 € of investment for a single person, that is a maximum tax reduction of 12 500 €.
> 100,000 for married or civil union couples (joint taxation) for a maximum tax reduction of

Please note: The rate of the tax reduction has changed between January 1, 2020 and May 9, 2021.

Please note that the tax benefits linked to the IR-PME scheme are not compatible with those linked to an investment via PEA or PEA-PME.

Please note: options purchased for a third party are not eligible for IR tax exemption. 

Good to know: Parents can defund their minor child's share.

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Where can I find my tax receipt?

Your tax receipt corresponds to the subscription form that you received by email at the time of your investment. You can find your subscription form in your account at in the "my shares" section.





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Photos credits: Benoît Lecordier, Jean-Christophe Lippmann, Vincent Fouché, Katia De Azevedo et La Mothe Chandeniers