Le Prieuré de Meillerie au bord du lac Léman

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Help us restore the buildings of the Priory of Meillerie dating from 1220

The Priory of MEILLERIE

The site is a fortified medieval priory, consisting of a priory house, an old chapel of the 13th century forming the choir of the newer church, a tower of defense transformed into a bell tower, all hung on the slopes of the Alps and overlooking Lake Geneva, near Evian and facing Lausanne. Defensive strategic site of the time of the Dukes of Savoy on the road to Valais in Switzerland and the Aosta Valley in Italy.

For several centuries, it was the seat of the provost of the order of the Great Saint Bernard who secured the passages of the Alps.

The Priory requires a fairly complete restoration, but fortunately the roofs, carpentry and walls are in good condition.

But over the years and vicissitudes of history, the degraded facades must regain the integrity of yesteryear.

The magnificent vaulted cellars have to return to their original destinations: the wine press of the vineyards on the shores of Lake Geneva, the cheese factory and its maturing cellar where the vacherin of Savoie was already made (first handwritten mention of this cheese in the 13th century). century with the place of Meleria (Meillerie)

A large sundial punctuated the works and the offices, he only asks to find the shadow of the rays of the solar star.
North-South passage and stairway

Passage et escalier Nord-Sud

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Project display

  • For 10 years, date of the creation of our association we have:

        - Removed the remains of rubble over two centuries in the tower belfry

  •     - Cured ditches, to remove the maximum humidity of buildings

  •     - Taken from the floor to the ceiling the former dormitory of the novices to create an archive and exhibition room

and we organize every year one or two cultural or recreational events (medieval, concerts, exhibitions, guided tours)

Rose Anglaise

Medieval Concert 2018
"The English rose

Novelised history of the Priory written by Sidonie Bochaton

Evolution since 1220

North facade

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Who are we ?

Association of volunteers acting on the communal heritage.

Meillerie is a small town of 320 inhabitants without great resources but with an important past.

 The Priory of 1220

The famous boats of Meillerie which furrowed the Lake Geneva to deliver in Geneva, Lausanne, the stone of the quarries of Meillerie

Les barques de Meillerie

The site of the pre-romantic novel La Nouvelle Héloïse by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
The rock of loves in Meillerie

Le rocher des amours à Meillerie

Meillerie remains a popular site for tourists

Facade Ouest du Prieuré

Le quai de Meillerie


How to support this project?

Tier 1

Minimum target: € 5,000, which will allow us to finance ...

Rehabilitation of vaulted cellars

Redo a large sundial

Rehabilitation of a retaining wall in gardens

To help the research of a PhD student in Medieval Archeology to finish

his research and his memory on the Priory

If this goal is achieved:

Step 2

€ 10,000, which will allow us to finance ...

Redo the coatings on the east sid

Step 3                                                                     

15 000 €, which will allow us to finance .

Finish the coatings on the other facade

  • We thank in advance all the generous donors who want to support a heritage representing the achievement of our ancestors, whether modest or grandiose
  • You can support this project:

        - by making a donation online by credit card on this page after registration on the Dartagnans website

  •     - by making a bank transfer after registration on the Dartagnans website

  •     - by sending a check, on the back of which you will include your e-mail address, worded in the following order "ARPM", sent to the following address:

Priory campaign of Meillerie
15 Milan Street
75009 PARIS


La Communauté de communes pays d’Evian - vallée d’Abondance

La commune de Meillerie propriétaire des lieux

Le Rotary club d'Evian - Thonon


[email protected]

 internet http://www.meillerie-prieure.com


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