Les chantiers de bénévoles au château de Gères

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Volunteer workshops at the Château de Gères allow the transmission of ancient know-how, the discovery of a local heritage in an atmosphere of sharing.
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Avec le soutien de l'Union REMPART, association loi 1901, reconnue d'utilité publique.

Volunteer work at the Château de Gères



Who are we ?

The LACDG association was born in 2015 in Loubens, a group of friends, neighbors, passionate about their region. It is chaired by a young man, 19-year-old Tom Fazembat, who is also impassioned.  What a region!  Entre Deux Mers, the Bordeaux vineyards and Le Réolais, "Land of Art and History". Its aim is to highlight the local heritage, sites that are little known, by organizing various events such as heritage visits, nature walks or volunteer work camps.

These projects allow the transmission of local and ancestral knowledge.

Région de l'Entre Deux Mers

What will the fees be used for ?

Les Chantiers de Bénévoles.

Our association has scheduled two volunteer projects for this summer.That's why we need you.


Your contribution will allow the setting up of these volunteer projects which require a first investment in equipment, tools, protective equipment ...

Our need is 7000€ (total budget 9100€).

Budget  building site Summer 2017: 

 volunteer's fees 44%

materials 3%

material 6%

food 31%

lodging 12%

insurance 4%


The work will take place at the Château de Gères in Loubens ( from ??which our association takes its name).  Afterwards we would like to add other local sites.

This year our project will work on the renovation of the Colombier and the adjointing walls which serve as a support. 

It is an ideal way to approach a heritage site and transmit the methods of traditional stone masonry in the field. The assembly of the stones coming from local deposit, will be done with lime mortar  as formerly used by the builders.

Our volunteers will learn the grouting,  replacement and  stone paving. The week will be punctuated by outside visits and cultural activities.   a unique experience in an exceptional setting!

These first projects require an important investment in materials which will be an asset for future projects and which will allow us to multiply our actions.

Château de Gères

A little history

Our first project is the Château de Gères  whose construction goes back to the XVIth century on a site already occupied in prehistory.

Loubens, in the  Dropt valley, is a commune rich in heritage.  It includes the sumptuous Moulin de Loubens, the château de Lavison, the château de Lavayssière, an Eiffel bridge, wells, wash houses, rural houses and other vernacular buildings.

Moulin de Loubens

The Château de Gères  was, in the past, a property of illustrious families. Several generations succeeded one another and the inhabitants of the castle left their mark on the territory.

 It seems to go back to the sixteenth century. Its construction can be attributed to the Chevalier de Meslon, squire and Lord of Loubens. His son, Jean de Meslon, was adviser to King Louis XIII, then captain of a company and lieutenant-general of Guyenne. The castle still belonged to him in 1620, then another family succeeded him, the Loupes of Loupes, lord of Loubens, owner of the Castéra de Fontet and the feudal castle of Langoiran.

Late 18th century, Pierre de Gères de Loupes squire, Lord of Camarsac, captain then councilor in the parliament,  had many children including Marie de Gères.

It was also in his memory that our association took its name. Marie de Gères met with au unfortunate destiny. She was judged by the Revolutionary Court because  her son was considered a fugitive in Malta, which resulted in her imprisonment in La Reole.

And  then, an exceptional mobilization of the villagers took place. They all signed a petition to free their loving marquise who did not, according to them, deserve such a fate. And it was with the mayor of the commune that Marie de Gères returned to the castle.

Today, this story, which has long been told in our countryside, is for our association a model of mobilization and energy.

We wish to make known and share our local heritage, its historical natural resources, gastronomic specialties and ancestral know-how during events such as the volunteer workshops that will take place this summer.


Colombier et murs d'enceinte.

We count on your support!

These heritage sites are events that allow meetings, sharing, learning during a convivial stay punctuated by cultural visits and various animations. We organize two volunteer camps each one week, able to accommodate 10 people.

Your donation will be distributed in various areas: housing, food, materials, equipment, entertainment, logistics ..

Without you, nothing is possible!

Your support is indispensible to us to start this human adventure of the cultural heritage work sites.

Tax-free donations:

Your donation is tax-exempt because it fulfills the general conditions provided for in Articles 200 and 238 bis of the General Tax Code. At the end of the donation, you will receive a tax receipt allowing you to reduce your tax:

- Individuals, you can deduct 66% of your donation within the limit of 20% of your taxable income.

- Companies, the whole of the payments to the project allows to benefit from a reduction of company tax by 60% of the amount of these payments,  within the limit of 0,5% of the H.T. of the company.


How can you support this project?

 It is possible to support our project:

  • by an online donation on this page, after registration and connection on www.dartagnans.fr
  • by sending a check (payable to LACDG) to the following address:
  • Dartagnans
  • Campagne château de Gères 
  • 14 rue Crespin du Gast
  • 75011 Paris




If your generosity surpasses our expectations ...

All the  money raised in this participative fundraising campaign will allow us to multiply our actions ; to set up weekends of "heritage internship" with topics such as stone cutting, carpentry and roofing. In 2018 our construction site will be held at the Moulin de Loubens for the rehabilitation of a hydraulic turbine!

With your support, thank you.


 "Transmission and sharing in the service of our heritage"



They are talking about us

To follow our adventure, join us!

By becoming a member of our association.


Contact: Tom Fazembat

06 70 67 94 51 


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