Notre-Dame de Paris, je t'aime !

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Monday, April 15, 2019, the cathedral Notre-Dame of Paris is ravaged by a fire. The spire and much of the roof have collapsed. Dartagnans is calling on the entire world to pledge their support.

Notre-Dame needs our help!

The pictures are horrible to watch: On April April 15th, since 6:50PM the cathedral of Notre-Dame Paris has been engulfed in flames. 

Despite the fire brigade's quick response and best efforts, the spire and much of the roof have been set ablaze and collapsed.

Citizens and lovers of this iconic monument of the french capital are also mobilized.


At Dartagnans, we have decided to react immediately by launching a crowdfunding campaign and calling on all heritage enthusiasts, women and men from all cultures, from all countries to unite.

Notre Dame belongs to the whole world. Today, our Lady needs our help. Will you pledge your support in its hour of greatest need?

All donated funds will go towards the rebuilding effort.

Thanks to all donors !