Rénovation de l'orangerie de la Noë de Bel Air

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Let’s rejuvenate La Noe de Bel Air’s Orangerie, a rare architectural jewel in the Loire region.

La Noe de Bel Air’s Orangerie

La Noe, a palladian style chateau located 30km away from Nantes, is also comprised of a courtyard, a pigeon loft and, last but not least, the Orangerie.

The Orangerie was built in 1836 and it is the oldest building in La Noe de Bel Air. Until 1956, it was used, as its name suggests, to keep orange trees during winter, which were placed in summer as decoration in front of the chateau.

The aim of our project is to renovate all of the Orangerie, which has lost some of its sparkle due to storms. Indeed, the north façade and the top cornice were almost entirely destroyed.

An earlier phase of renovation has already taken care of part of the principal (south) façade and renovated the top cornice and wall coatings.

However, the top of the north façade being destroyed, it no longer protects the building, meaning the Orangerie is at risk of further deterioriation due to the rain and winter frost.

La Noe de Bel Air’s Orangerie

La Noe de Bel Air’s chateau 

What is the aim of the fundraising ?

What is the aim of the fundraising?

-Minimum aim: 5000€, which will allow us to finance the setting up of the scaffolding.


-stage 2: 8500€ to finance the brick work

-stage 3: 12500€ to finance the second part of brick work

-stage 4: 22000€ to finance the cornice

The total project sums up to 50 000€ and will be financed by personal funding, a loan and hopefully DRAC’s help. (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles) 

Who are we ?

I am François de Malestroit. It is my ancestor Armand de Malestroit who built the property almost two hundred years ago. I always was fascinated by the peace coming from this place and I really wish to get involved in this property in order to take care of it and maintain its identity.

How can you support this project ?

You can do it…

- through an online donation (with your credit card) on this page after signing up to the Dartagnans site

- by bank transfer after signing up to the Dartagnans site

-by sending a cheque (at the back of which you will write your email address, your cheque being made out to “Demeure Historique”, and sent to:

Campagne Orangerie de la Noë de Bel Air
15 rue de Milan
75009 PARIS

Tax deductible donations

If you are a French citizen, your donation is tax deductible as it follows the general conditions of article 200 and 238bis from the code general des impôts. At the end of our campaign, you will receive the necessary fiscal receipt.

-Individuals: you can deduct 66% of the amount of your donation, with a limit of 20% of your taxable income.

-Corporate: you can benefit from a tax deduction, either corporate tax or income tax, up to 60% of the amount of your donation, with a limit of 0,5% of the net profit.

Close relations to the owners, up to the 4th degree cousins will not benefit from the fiscal deduction. The Demeure Historique will not give fiscal receipt for donations under 50 euros.

Thank you to all our donators!

Keep following us!

I warmly thank you for your generosity which will bring the Orangerie back to life. I hope to have the opportunity to thank you in person at the occasion of the ceremony which will celebrate the completion of the renovation in 2020.
Contact: [email protected]


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Invitation to the completion ceremony
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for 20 euros and more
Invitation to the completion ceremony and to a commented visit of the park by appointment on a week-end
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for 50 euros and more
Two hour drawing lesson in la Noe’s loggia, by appointment
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Participation to an action game for two in La Noe’s park
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A sea food platter comprising of a lobster for two and a bottle of Muscadet served in la Noe’s loggia
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For companies:
From 999 euros, we will offer you the opportunity to organise a private event in the Orangerie, for your clients and colleagues. You will also be eligible for a private group visit of the property by appointment.
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