Rénovation des espaces répétitions de Mogador

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Participez à la restauration des espaces répétitions du Théâtre Mogador, l’un des plus prestigieux théâtres parisiens, classé au patrimoine des monuments historiques de France

8 193 € et un premier palier atteint en moins de 2 semaines. Un grand merci à tous nos contributeurs !  

Now move to the second stage, continue to a second level!

We sincerely thank our 56 donors who helped us reach our first target of € 8,000 in record time!

And because you are our best ambassadors, we count on you to share this project around you!


 The Mogador Theater was born in 1919, inspired by the ingenuity of the English "music-halls". It is inaugurated by the future President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt. In this theater there have been celebrities from all ages, from Russian ballets to musicals, from Sting's solo debut to the Rolling Stones ... There have been great plays from the repertoire such as Cyrano de Bergerac and La femme du boulanger. 

 Mogador has been listed as a heritage monument of France under the impetus of Barbara, who made its debut in 1949, and unconditional of this place. 

 Acquired in 2005 by the Stage Entertainment group, the Mogador theater has been completely renovated and expanded to offer a unique experience and maximum comfort to its visitors. Each season, more than 350,000 people pass through the doors. 

 Located a short distance from Parisian department stores, Mogador enjoys a central location in the capital. It also offers a unique collection of contemporary art visible in the different homes of the Theater.

Front of Theater Mogador - photo by Clément Sautet - Puppets


 Our new project is the extension of theater life to other activities, our desire is to welcome more guests, in various occasions. We want to make the general public enjoy our unique and classified place, and make it discover in a different way, playful or educational.

 One of the most popular activities for the public is the access to the backstage spaces, especially the rehearsal studios (vocalise room and dance studio) located in the theater premises and whose destination is multiple: 

 - This is where the castings are held when launching the actors' recruitment campaigns for future productions, 

 - It is in these spaces that will be held a part of the courses given in the framework of the Free Class of Musical Comedy developed by the Cours Florent Musical Comedy in partnership with Stage Entertainment France / Mogador (a collaboration announced on 15/02/2018 ) and whose first return will come in the fall of 2018, 

 - These are the spaces where the artists come to practice each day to repeat singing, dancing, comedy, and warm-up before each show, 

 - It is here also that the media come to meet the artists during the press meetings before the opening of the show, 

 - It's finally a space that is an integral part of the backstage tours organized by the Theater with its partner Cultival


 If the theater in its public part has benefited from two major renovations (2006/2016), this part of the backstage has not yet received the same attention. We entrusted the School of Design of Troyes the site to redefine this space. Groups of students have had as a project floor studies on this issue. 

 The difficulty of this project is to respect certain technical constraints such as sound absorption but also to define a sufficiently neutral design not to influence the artists in their work. A real challenge! 

 The selected students supported their project on June 05, 2018 before a jury composed of Theater representatives. The latter must determine which project will be selected and implemented this summer during the break period of the Theater before the reception of the rehearsals of the next production.

The troupe Grease occupies the scene for the season - photo Clément Sautet – Puppets

Such a project requires adjustments and means (student travel financing and mobilization of the teaching teams, conceptualization of the spaces, implementation of the chosen solution, reward of the winning project team), without distorting the place (classified ), nor disrupt the normal course of his other activities, starting with the show played more than 250 times in the year.

We want to offer businesses and individuals to contribute to this project by participating in the financial package of the latter.

Our goal is to reach 8.000 € with the following assignment:

- 25% for the financing of the students' fees and the pedagogical supervision as well as the premium awarded to the winning team,

- 20% for final modeling (materials study and technical solutions),

- 55% for the actual work


  If the 8 000 € are exceeded, a second level is fixed at 15 000 €. 

 This money will enable us not only to cover almost all the works but also to extend this project to the access corridors to these spaces. 

 We also want to invest in the purchase of accessories to furnish these spaces.


 - by an online donation on this page, after registration and connection on www.dartagnans.fr 

 - by bank transfer on this page, after registration and connection on www.dartagnans.fr 

 - by sending a check payable to STAGE ESTATE FRANCE, specifying your email address, to the following address: 


 Mogador Theater Campaign 

 1, rue de Châteaudun 

 75009 Paris France


 The Théâtre Mogador teams and Stage Entertainment France employees thank you in advance for your attention and your interest in this project at the heart of the life of our theater.


 Olivier Lazzarini - Marketing & Sales Director 

 [email protected]  


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Thanks to all for your contribution !


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