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To restore the historical monuments of the old town of Suze-La-Rousse is our priority. they are part of our culture and everyday life, and they attract visitors. Above all, we aim to preserve this local historic legacy for future generations.
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Suze la Rousse is a village located in the South of Drôme, in the heart of the vineyards. Composed of 2.141 inhabitants, its main activity is viticulture.

The village has a magnificen feudal castle which is an important tourist attraction (30 000 visitors per year). The famous University of wine established at the foot of the castle, contributes to the reputation of Suze la Rousse by offering university degrees courses and trainings of short or long duration.

The feudal castle of Suze la Rousse

The old church of the old town Suze-La-Rousse

This old Roman parish church built in the 12th century is located in the main street of the old town. This massive construction is quite simple with a barrel vault separating the choir from the nave.

In 1864, the old church was sold after part of its roof collapsed. It had different successive owners until 2008, date on which it was bought by the municipality.

A few years later, the church had to be closed to the public for non conforming.

Our team made of members of the municipal council started cleaning tasks and other works: this resulted in the reopening of the church in September 2019.

The church steeple also called "campanile"


Unfortunately this religious building is closed most of the year. Thus, it's not ventilated, there is saltpeter on walls and the stone is damaged by humidity.Despite regular cleaning, the saltpeter grows back and humidity keeps damaging the building. It appears obvious that only regular ventilation would solve that problem.

Our project is to install a wrought iron gate on the portal of this old church, while respecting the architecture and the age of the building. This gate would allow natural ventilation and a good visibility of the inside for visitorsChurch is open to the public in the best possible conditions

We also wish to carry out the necessary works in order that this old church to be opened to the public en the best conditions.

The municipality already offers it for free to local associations for exhibitions and tastings.

However, it is necessary to renew all the electrical system, and to carry out small works there so the accessibility will be perfect.

What will the funds be used for?

The 10.000 euros raised will help financing the creation and the installation of a customized wrought iron gate according to the guidelines of the Built Heritage and Architectural Policy Unit from the Drôme Department.

It will also help us to create a safe and new electrical system with the installation of lighting allowing various exhibitions.

Who are we?

We are passionate about our cultural heritage. We all spend some of our free time volunteering (cleaning and maintenance works, monument compliance) to preserve this historical building in our beautiful town of Suze-La-Rousse. 

Today, we call on your support and generosity to save the old church !

How to support our project ?

You can support our project by:

  • - making an online donation by credit card on the Dartagnans website
  • - making a wire transfer after registering on the Dartagnans website
  • - sending a cheque, with your email address mentioned on the back, made payable to "TRESOR PUBLIC" to the following mailing address: :

Campagne "Sauvons l'ancienne église de Suze la Rousse"
15 rue de Milan
75009 PARIS

They support us / Press

Cooperative winery La Suzienne

Thanks to all of our donors!

Keep on following us !

We sincerely thank all donors who work alongside with us through their donations and allow us to preserve our hometown cultural heritage and herewith, our history! 

@mail : [email protected]
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