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Following the 2017 restoration of its formal French gardens, for the 500th anniversary of the building, in 2019, Chambord is endeavoring to recreate the atmosphere that reigned in the château during the times of François I.

A novel decor, worthy of François I


To bring back the presence of François I, the creator of Chambord. The new setting will render his presence singularly perceptible; at any moment, the visitor may imagine himself crossing paths with the king in his castle.


To give the public a vision of the setting of the itinerant court, and to provide keys to understanding the nomadic life of the king, which will be presented for the first time ever. Even though, up until the reign of Louis XIV, French monarchs were constantly on the move, changing residences with furniture in tow from one season to the next, nothing comparable exists anywhere else in France. 


To welcome the public as were once welcomed the king's guests. The visitor is invited to become part of the court, to imagine himself touring in the presence of the king.


The apartments of de François I stand in need of dusting off and a makeover to celebrate in style the 500th anniversary of the château! For this milestone event, we wish to present a festive Chambord, festooned as it once was for the arrival of the king and his court.   

Rearranging the François I apartments: A need for a renewed museography

Rearrangement of the living quarters of the French monarch is a lengthy and complex endeavor that got  underway a number of decades ago. Unfortunately, the museography of the epoch dates back to 1971, and is no longer concordant either with current knowledge of the period under consideration, or with the expectations of the public. 


What is the purpose of this crowdfunding campaign?

This project will reposition the figure of François I in the center of the visit and thereby offer visitors a new presentation of his apartments.  

This reconfiguration will be spearheaded by Jacques Garcia, internationally renowned decorator and scenographer, widely recognized for the quality of his restorations and the fineness of his evocation of     large-scale historical settings.  He has been intervening for a number of years as an esteemed advisor to major French institutions.

Thanks to your participation, the atmosphere that reigned during the epoch of François I will be recreated so as to offer you a voyage back in time and a totally new visiting experience.  


A unique project

Decoration of the room of  François I as it was close to 500 years ago will mark a new and important step in the life of the château of  Chambord.

Your participation is essential insofar as the project depends entirely on sponsorship. No public subsidy will be allocated for reconstitution of the setting. Each one of you can contribute according to your means to restore to Chambord the luster that François I rediscovered, every time he paid a visit!

Help us to bring this project to fruition!

By way of thanks, contributors will  be eligible to participate in a prize draw: 

Win a night's stay in the 4-star hotel of Chambord

The prize draw will be held at the end of the campaign, and the winner will be rewarded with a night's stay, for 2 persons, in the 4-star hotel of Chambord (opening planned for 16 March 2018) http://relaisdechambord.com/

Payment on line: goo.gl/f1kJHg

In addition, enjoy the experience of a truly unique visit

Adopt a vine plant in your name

+ possible preferential purchase of two bottles of the 500th-anniversary vintage

+ a plate on the vine plant, with your name engraved

+ an adoption certificate 


Or offer yourself some small and valuable collectors' items

The National Estate of Chambord

The National Estate of Chambord Chambord is a radically unique work of architecture, one of the crown jewels of the human heritage. Registered as early as 1840 on the initial list of historic monuments, since 1981 it has also been listed as  a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Chambord represents the quintessence of the Renaissance and serves as its symbol throughout the world.   This is due not only to its status as the most important civil building of its times, but also to the fact that its design and symbolic weight express the idea of perpetual renewal, of the life cycle, of the place of mankind in the cosmos, and … a form of eternity.

Chambord is not only a château, it is also an estate as large as Paris proper, featuring the largest walled and enclosed park in Europe (5440 acres protected by ramparts measuring 32 kilometers/20 miles).   

Chambord is a monument to beauty and intelligence that was first conceived by François I and Leonardo da Vinci. Its vocation is at once symbolic, aesthetic and spiritual.  

2019, year of a major anniversary In 2019, the 500 years of Chambord will be festively celebrated.  During 2018, a number of work sites are open, and several interior renovation projects are underway so as to provide the monument with a new visage on the occasion of its 500th anniversary (half a millennium!).

In 2017, the formal French gardens were integrally restored, covering more than 16 acres at the foot of the château. This represented the most ambitious garden restoration project in France in over two decades. 

Following restoration of its surroundings, Chambord now wishes to showcase the castle interior.  

To achieve this objective, Chambord needs you! 

Key figures

In 2017,

90.4% self-financed

916,888 château visitors (+26% compared to 2016).

Tax-deductible donations for French donors

Your donation is tax-deductible insofar as it fulfills the general conditions set forth in articles 200 and 238 of the French tax code.   At the end of the fund-raising campaign, you will receive a fiscal receipt entitling you to a tax reduction:

- As an individual, you can deduct 66% of your donation, up to a maximum of 20% of your taxable income.

- For companies, contributions to the project will entitle them to a corporate tax reduction of 60% of their total amount, with a ceiling of 0.5% of the company's turnover before taxes. 


How can this project be effectively supported?


  • - by an on-line donation on this page, following registration and connection at www.dartagnans.fr
  • - by bank transfer on this page, following registration and connection at www.dartagnans.fr
  • - by sending a check (payable to the domaine national de Chambord) and indicating your e-mail address to the following address: 


Campagne domaine national de Chambord

1 Rue de Châteaudun

75009 Paris France


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A medallion with the effigy of the
château of Chambord.

+Registration for the draw: Each donor is automatically registered for the prize draw scheduled for the end of the campaign and is eligible to be awarded one night, for two persons, at the 4* star hotel of Chambord slated to open on 9 March 2018.
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Box portraying a bellowing stag
A Chambord château box

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A leather key-ring depicting the
château of Chambord

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One free admission to the château of Chambord
One free admission to the château of Chambord

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Two free admissions to the château of Chambord
Two free admissions to the château of Chambord

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2 “A day in Chambord” passes
2 “A day in Chambord” passes.
The pass includes : Admission to the château and the French gardens, Entrance to the horse + birds of prey show, A HistoPad, Discounted recreational activities;

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VIP prestige visit
Guided VIP visit

+Personal welcome by Jean d'Haussonville, Managing Director of the National Estate of Chambord and the Chambord teams;

+Glass of champagne on the terraces,

+Same rewards as above

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Adopt a Chambord wine plant
Adopt a Chambord wine plant in your name with 2 bottles of the 2019 vintage

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2 invitations for a gastronomic meal at the “Relais de Chambord"
2 invitations for a gastronomic meal at the “Relais de Chambord”

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Personalized box imagined along with the château of Chambord teams
Personalized box imagined along with the château of Chambord teams

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