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Châlo saint mars

Thibault and I (Eudes), we are the 4th generation to cultivate the lands of the Guillerville farm.

This farm is active in cereals.

The HOUDOUIN family arrived at the Guillerville farm in 1920 as a tenant. Jean HOUDOUIN took over from his parents Louis HOUDOUIN and Madeleine RANDOUIN in 1939. He married the same year with Aline DESPREZ. During the war Aline and her parents-in-law took care of the farm's duties. Jean was taken prisoner by the Germans and fell seriously ill. When he returned from camp, he remained bedridden for 3 years. Jean and Aline HOUDOUIN bought the farm in 1968.

In 1980, Marie Claude COUTTE HOUDOUIN took over from her parents. She operated the farm with her husband Jean COUTTE until 2016. Jean COUTTE gave the current appearance of the farm.

Since 2016, Thibault and Eudes COUTTE have taken over the operation.

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