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The desire to return to the sources and save an extraordinary place left abandoned for a long time, gave birth to a grandiose project: Renovating a castle to transform it into a hotel restaurant. This is what this ambitious project consists of!


LE CHATEAU DU THEIL, a Château reborn thanks to crowdfunding


The Château du Theil over the centuries

Located at the gates of Haute Corrèze, halfway between the natural territory of the Puys chain (Unesco classification) and the historic territory of the Dordogne valleys (Unesco classification), in the heart of the city of Ussel, the Château du Theil dominates the town.

  The origins of the Castle date back to 1120, it then belonged to Baron Albert de Charlus, Lord of Theil and Laborde, who had it erected in order to make it a stronghold (fortified tower) in order to control the main trade route linking Bordeaux to Lyon. It will belong to the Charlus family until 1468.

The estate was then sold many times and the traces were then erased over time until the end of the XIX Century. It was in 1886 that the bishopric acquired the Château du Theil estate in order to set up a religious college there until 1898.

The Castle will then be transformed into a hospital during the First World War before being bought by Mr. André Chevalier in 1941. Following the occupation and the fire in 1944 of the college of Ussel by the German soldiers, André Chevalier chose to graciously welcome students from 1943 to 1953. The Castle will then belong to his heirs until its abandonment in the 2000s and its repurchase in 2019. Since then, the rehabilitation of this forgotten monument in the city of Ussel has been underway.