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The volunteers of the Castle of Havré need you to continue the restoration of the Enghien Tower began in 2014. The building licence expires in March 2019: we must absolutely start the work before it expires.

Rebuilt and transformed several times by many families including Enghien and Croÿ, this old fortress and seigniorial residence will enchant you with its quadrilateral courtyard, the donjon with its bulb, the ogival chapel and flower gardens.

Surrounded by moats the castle enjoys a remarkable situation: 4,5 miles from Mons - European Capital of Culture in 2015, near the French border (12,5 miles from Maubeuge and 30 miles from Valenciennes) and less than 1 mile from de E19/E42 motorway.

Do you know us ?

Seeing the castle abandoned and to save it from disaster, some inhabitants of the village grouped and founded the non- profit-making association : Les Amis du Château des Ducs d’Havré.  They were crazy, since 1979 they work for the restoration of the castle listed in 1936. With the help of the Belgian State – Walloon Region, 8 workers are employed and working full time in the association.

The work so far carried out as regards the safeguarding, reconstruction and maintenance of the castle, as well as the promotion and management of the site, has only been made possible by organising various events to ensure financial self-sufficiency. The numerous activities were made possible by the whole hearted help of a large and ever-increasing number of volunteers. 

The association is run by unpaid volunteers. 

Every year the castle and its gardens welcome more than 25.000 visitors.


The casle of Havré as we know it today was built on the remains of a 12th century feudal fortress. A stronghold was built there, serving as an important defensive position for the earldom of Hainaut. Remains of the stronghold can still be seen in the present castle which has undergone many changes over the centuries.

As the Lord of Hainaut has sided with the States General, the feudal castle was besieged in 1578 by 6000 of Don Juan’s men before conditionally surrendering. On 23rd July of the same year, it was shelled, retaken and burnt by the Duke of Anjou.  

Reconstruction started in 1600 and was completed under Charles Alexander de Croy-Havré, one of the greatest lords of his times in the Low Countries.  

The castle has always belonged to important families, and has therefore has an outstanding history, particularly under the Marquises and later the Dukes of Havré, a branch of the illustrious house of the Croy.  

During the Renaissance, the castle was transformed into a wealthy residence where many celebrities stayed, such as Rubens in January 1622, Van Dyck, a close friend of the Croy-Havré family, Marie of Hungary in 1537, Marie de Medicis and the Infanta Isabella in 1631, Prince Eugène of Savoy and the Duke of Marlborough in 1709. 

The estate is elevated to the rank of duchy in 1627 and the last duke of Croÿ dies in 1938 without heir.

After many adventures, the castle falls to the Province of Hainaut which leaves it abandoned.  Then begins its long descent into hell: successive landslides, looting, invasive vegetation threaten the life of a heritage that will be listed in 1936.

Little anecdote:

The Croÿ having abandoned the castle in 1839, it was sold to the Canon Puissant in 1919, who tried to save it. Unfortunately it was an insurmontable task. So Canon Puissant sells it to an American (John Alleyne Gade, delegate of the Commission of Relief - 1916) who wanted to rebuild the castle elsewhere (the story goes that it was in the USA). Il was a good thing that the Province of Hainaut vetoes his demand. In the impossibility to sell the castle, the American transferred it to the Province of Hainaut. 

The restorations

1979 : the pioneers discover the disaster:t is first necessary to clear and evacuate the invading vegetation.

De 1979 à 2005, with the help of an archaeologist, the volunteers cleared bricks and stones and reconstructed step by step.

The towers are covered with a temporary roof. The entrance small castles, the Kitchen tower and the Warden's tower are completely restored.

On the first floor of the Kitchen tower, the Médiévie association organizes animations for primary and secondary school students.

The Warden's tower is now a museum.

The Gothic room, the bakery and the Charles A. de Croÿ wing are regularly rented for events.

Until 2005 the restorations were realised by the volunteers and the workers enrolled by the association.

2005 : first major project: to roof the wing Charles Alexandre and Anne de Lorraine.

Purposes :

• Secure the exterior walls

• Security and conformity for public access, rental for events

The castle today

Enghien tower

2012-2015 : second major project: restoration of the Enghien Tower, master piece of the castle. 

Purposes :

• To install a library with the archives of the writer Emile Poumon (from Havré who wrote a lot about Belgian heritage)

• Security and conformity for public acess, museum

The 1st phase was completed by the end of 2015 : reconstruction of the staircase turret - the pinion adjoining the Enghien tower, restoration of the frames and the roof, installation of window doors.


            Enghien tower before and after the restoration

Click here for : MORE DETAILS

Why do we need your help ?

To carry out phase 2 of the work: interiors completions.

In the long term, the restored tower will house on the 2nd floor the library "Emile Poumon".  Emile Poumon was a native of the village who has written many articles about Belgian heritage.  Our association received his writings in legacy. The 1st floor with its Louis XVI decorations will be converted into a small living room.  The 3rd and 4th floors will be converted into museum retracing all the restorations of the castle.

The Wallon Region, Province of Hainaut and country of Mons sustain our association through subsidies but that will not be sufficient !

Our building licence expire end of March 2019

we absolutely have to finish the job ! Total cost : 356 000 €

We must proceed step by step according to our financial means.

Whatever the result of the collection, your donations will be dedicated to the restoration of this exceptional heritage.

Depending on the donations received, we can begin the restoration                                  of the beams, one or more floors.


If donations reache 20.000 €, thanks to your generosity, we will realise the 1nd step:

  • • restoration of a main beam
  • • beams and floor of the different levels      
  • • all the work and material for the electrical installation


                            Beams and floor to restore

If donations reache 45.000 €, thanks to your generosity, we will realise the 2nd step:

Complete heating installation

If donations reache 85.000 €, thanks to your generosity, we will realise the 3rd step:

  • • to restore the Louis XVI decorations (18th century) on the 1st floor
  • • on the 3rd floor : installation of a terracotta pavement
  • • stone paving
  • • blue stone paving

If donations reache 105.000 €,thanks to your generosity, we will be able to finish the interior fittings:

doors, fire door, window shelf, outdoor shutters, fire security


The funds raised will be used to continue the restoration of our beautiful heritage.

There is still so much to do ! Most urgent : the restoration of the chapel, part of whose upper walls collapse last winter.  We have yet to finish the ceiling of a room : false ceilings, lighting, Wifi, ...

How to help us

- by online donation on this page after registration and login on  www.dartagnans.fr  

- by bank transfert on this page after registration and login on  www.dartagnans.fr

- by sharing a maximum on social networks

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The whole team: 

the administrators, the staff, the volunteers 

thank you warmly 

for your support in this crazy adventure !


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