Restauration de la Chapelle de Saint Julien

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Restoration of painted decorations ans the tabernacle of ST JULIEN chapel


What is the monument to save?

The chapel, of small size, is composed of a single room with a simple flat-paneled ceiling, an extension of a flat roof to the east and flanked to the north of a chapel in semicircular vault. A small sacristy is attached to the choir in the extension of the chapel. Only the choir is vaulted ogive, with an armorized key. It houses several remarkable elements:

• The fully painted vault and ribs, some of which is still covered with 16th century polychrome paintings,

• A large painting "Calvary with Mary Magdalene"; oil on canvas from the end of the 16th century,

• The one-stone stoneware altar from the 16th century,

 • The painted and gilded wooden tabernacle dating from the end of the 17th century representing, among other things, the laying of the thorn crown and the flogging of Christ,

• The funerary liter or lordly inner liter of the 18th century revealing the coat of arms of the lords of AUBERY, lords of St Julien before the revolution,

• The remains of the funeral belt or mourning belt of the 18th century on the east and north exterior facade loaded with the arms of the deceased.

Where is she ? 

It is located in the municipality of Saint Julien Maumont. Formed by the grouping of 2 parishes in 1629, this small town is located in the extreme south of Corrèze (19), 25 km from Brive la Gaillarde and a few kilometers from the Lot department.

Its picturesque and contrasting landscape comes from the geological transition between red sandstone from the end of the primary era backed by the Hercine basement of the Massif Central and the first limestones deposited by the Jurassic Sea for tens of millions of years, which continues south to Quercy and Périgord.

Located also between 2 of the most beautiful villages in France (Collonge la Rouge and Curemont), it covers 620 Ha and has 157 inhabitants.

What is special about it (brief history of the place)? 

It is located on a dominant point and bordered by an enclosed cemetery, a wooded area and a body of water. Its facade is surmounted by a bell tower with 2 bays campanaires where is balanced only one bell. It is a very relaxing and friendly place appreciated by villagers, visitors and walkers who pass on the nearby hiking trail.

The ancient foundations of the bell tower and the sanctuary (choir) are dated from the 15th century and were part of an important building complex, former castle then "old Gothic manor" replaced by "a residence of the 17th century" of which it remains today only a few traces of the wall.


The goal is to restore:

• the old paintings (polychromic paintings of the 16th century and the funerary liter of the 18th century),

• the tabernacle of the 17th century,

 ... and in a general way the interior of the chapel to give it life and warmth to celebrate religious services again, to host exhibitions or concerts.

 Our association decided to use crowdfunding because the expected subsidies for these types of works and the budget of the municipality are very limited.

What has just been done in 2018 / early 2019

The urgency was to deal initially with the structural damage that threatened the building (recess of the bell tower of the nave, falling rubble, water infiltration through the roof and into the walls, porosity of very old tiles). This work, amounting to 64385 € excluding taxes, was made thanks to grants from the Departement, the State, the foundation, but also and above all by the mobilization of many local donors who answered the call made by our assocoation.

At the same time, the municipality financed the urgent work of restoration of the painting of the 16th century despite its already very limited budget. It has also restored the base of the interior walls, improved drainage from the exterior of the South facade, and restored the bell and its mechanism.

What is the urgency? 

The urgency is to treat the old paintings of which some pigments disappear and the structure of the tabernacle which is worm-eaten and whose facings are altered. 



The collection will serve to restore the painted decorations (5850 € HT) and the tabernacle (7626 € HT of which 4575 € HT of subsidy remains 3051 € HT).

If collection is exceeded ...

The additional funds will be allocated in order of priority to the reopening of the window in the choir, the replacement of worm-eaten windows by stained glass, the recovery of the interior plaster and ceiling of the nave and the sacristy (plaster and coated), the reprofiling of paving slabs, the restoration of the chapel door.



The "Saint Julien Maumont Patrimoine" Association created in 2017 aims to preserve, restore and enhance the public heritage of the municipality, in close coordination with the competent authorities. The objectives of protection and promotion of public heritage are very broadly focused on any element of historical, cultural, built or natural heritage, as well as all the activities of animation supporting such objectives.

The Association also aims to maintain the memory of any cultural, social, historical or other, having characterized or marked the life of the municipality.



You can support this project:

• - by making an online donation by credit card on this page after registration on the Dartagnans website

• - by making a bank transfer after registration on the Dartagnans website • - by sending a check, on the back of which you will include your e-mail address, written in the following order "Association Saint Julien Maumont ", sent to the following address : 


 Campagne de restauration de la chapelle de Saint Julien

            15 Milan Street

            75009 PARIS


Local press: La Montagne, La vie Corrézienne    


Institutions: County Council, State, Europe 


On behalf of all the inhabitants of the municipality, we thank very warmly all the donors who have allowed us to carry out the work so far and all those who can now help us to finalize this project. 


E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook page: 



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