Restauration du jardin du Palais de Grajal

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Restoration of the Renaissance Palace historic garden of Grajal de Campos. The garden was called "Garden of Olives" and we would like to plant these trees as they were before, as well as provide the palace with a quality green space.

Dans le cadre des Journées Européennes du Patrimoine, Dartagnans lance une initiative européenne et solidaire ayant pour but de mettre en avant le patrimoine européen, qu’il soit monumental, matériel ou immatériel, par la mise en place d’appels aux dons. 


The History of Grajal de Campos begins during the Middle Ages, when the region was linked to Raymond of Burgundy dynasty. He died right here, in Grajal de Campos.

Later, in 1571, il was started the construction of the castle-palace, residence for the Vega family, in a very Italian Renaissance style.The town belongs to the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, thus the Count of Vega Palace was well known in the past. The town was declared Site of Cultural Interest, but unfortunately, the garden of the Palace is always forgotten.

"Loggia" donnant sur la place

Project display

The Palace garden was at the time a substantial element of the building. We have undertook a major restoration of the architectural ensemble, and in 2021 we plan to finish the area overlooking the plot where it was the ancien garden. It is time to add it to the project, but public funds are only available for the building restorations and the palace's green area it always ignored, even though, according to Alberti (1452), an Italian humanist who played an essential role in the development of the concept of the garden during the Renaissance; "the garden and the house must be treated as a whole"

Modéle ideal du jardin

what will donations be used for?  

The donations will be used to restore the wall around the garden, to prevent the collapse of the structure, a type of traditional construction in the region, made of bricks and clay. It is also necessary to prepare the ground as well as to prune the black mulberry and a shrub that remains in the garden. Finally, we will restore the old fountain and the flowerbeds.

The minimim objective of Level 1 has being budgeted in 10 640 € to restore the wall, prepare the ground and prune the black mulberry and  the remaining shrub.

Terrain de l'ancien jardin

Le mûrier noir que reste au jardin

If this goal is achieved;

-Level 2: Up to 21 590 € which will allow us, once the ground has been prepared and the wall restored, to continue the restoration of the green space and the old fountain as well as the flower beds with olives trees.

La fontaine à restaurer


We are a small town in a depopulated region of Castilla y León (Spain)

We have a very small fraction of public funds to ensure the preservation of the heritage in the village, in particular for the restoration of the Palace.

The property has belonged to the local government since 1998. At that time, it was purcahsed for 6 pts (0,04 €), simbolic price, due to the parlous state of preservation of the building.

The following photos show the appearance of the facade overlooking the garden as it was a few week ago; at the beginning of 2021 we will finish this restoration since this year we will benefit from help of 119 000 e from a public institution; the Leonés Institute of Culture.

Below, the same facade, around the 1930s, before the building was abandoned.

Façade donnant sur l'ancien jardin (la façade se trovuve actuellement en restauration)

Integrating the space of the garden into the rest of the hole is essential so as not to lose the soul of the building. The garden would also provide a place of rest for pilgrims since the village in on the Way of Saint James to Compostela, and the hostel is located precisely on the restored side of the Palace of the Counts of Vega.

For the inhabitants of Grajal, the restoration of the Palace of the Counts has become a vital objective; a fundamental element for the tourist and economic development of the village which has many assets to attract visitors, but whose historic center lacks green spaces.

In Grajal there is the first artillery castle in Spain, the chuch of Saint Michael in Renaissance style, and the counts of Vega Palace.

Moreover the landscape in "Tierra de Campos" (Land of fields), is a very beautiful example of the Castilian austerity.

The restoration od the garden would alow us to offer the traveller, pilgrim or tourist a green setting inside the Palace, an oasis, as it was before.

how to support this project?

You can support this project :

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thak you to our donors ! 

Many thanks in advance for all of your contributions, to restore this truly spetial place and share it with all lovers of art, history and gardens.


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