Restauration du manoir Padure

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Padure manor is a unique 19th century Latvian house. ​The entrance portico currently is in a very bad condition and requires urgent restoration.


about 4 years ago
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about 4 years ago
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Maruta Elksne
about 4 years ago
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Elīna Granta
about 4 years ago
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Sonora Broka
about 4 years ago
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Meldra ķemere
about 4 years ago
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André von Kleist
about 4 years ago
Justine Woo
about 4 years ago
Liva Zvirzgdina
about 4 years ago
Sanda Cingule
about 4 years ago
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Memorable postcard
Memorable postcard with acknowledgment of donation, which is also an invitation to tour the manor with the owner.
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Two memorable card safeguards with picture of Padure manor + Visit for 2 of the manor
Receive two credit card safeguards with Padure manor logo. Invitation for 2 to tour the manor with the owner.
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Wine tasting in manor
Tasting of the Smilškalnu berry wine in manor house with excellent stories about wine creating from wine maker. Enjoy the aura and wines!
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Unforgettable stay at manor house with breakfast on terrace
Enjoy unforgettable stay in manor house with beautiful morning with bird songs and breakfast on manor's terrace.
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Dinner on terrace of Padure manor for 4 persons
Fantastic evening on garden terrace with food made from old recipe book for manor chefs. Local berry wine from neighbor winery and herbal tea from manor lime trees.
Enjoy romantic in Latvia's countryside!
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