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The iconic castle of Auvergne, the fortress of Veauce launches a preservation programme before future works.
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I have existed for over a thousand years. Majestic, magical, scary and endearing, I have a strong and well-tempered character.

Built on a rocky peak on the border of the three French historical regions of Auvergne, Berry and Bourbonnais, my origins date back to around 808, when Charlemagne defined the borders of the kingdom of Aquitaine, passed to the French crown. I am proud of having been inhabited until the eighteenth century by the oldest families of Bourbonnais.


Fatigued by the time I was in a bad state when, between 1841 and 1846, the then owner, Baron Charles de Veauce, saved me and completely restored in order to preserve the tower and the walls, although inserting the comfort and refinement of the time. Thanks to him I could keep my profile with a strong character, which encloses a thousand years of architecture around a majestic courtyard.

Perhaps you have heard of me due of a legend and a ghost? It is not a story so old! In de 1980s, the extravagant then owner, Ephraïm Tagori de la Tour, took advantage of the lure for haunted castles, invented the ghost of "Lucie" which, apparently, walks on the walls every night at midnight ... This legend has attracted a lot of curious looking for paranormal sensations and offered me even television fame in 1994.


In 1998, the owner dies and I degraded very quickly until an English lady Anny Mincer chooses to purchase me in 2002.

In 2014, in order to design and implement the necessary work to my restoration and to my valorization, my owner decides to create the Calligramme Foundation.

More than a change of owner, it is a return to my roots: at the origin refuge for the inhabitants of the surroundings, I became for a long time a private holiday location. I hope to open soon fully to the public, in order to accommodate artists and craftsmen and allow to all visitors, even with disabilities, to relax and recharge in the foothills of my walls or in the shade of my so romantic park.



The project is part of the necessary work to preserve the Château de Veauce,as a historical monument rich in history anddiversity (particularly in terms of its fauna and flora), but also as places to be secured to avoid further degradation and to allow the conduct of complete visits.

Several actions have been carrieout, step by step, in order to secure the park (barring around the points likely to cause falling stones, securing the places of visit to remove any risk of accident, determining a visit route for the park) or preventing collapses of the roof. recently  the bell tower has been dropped off.


The urgency is at the rendez-vous dear friends to avoid losing a castle not only magnificent, but which makes the wealth of its village and which is a real treasure ! 


The collection is used here to help to take over the roof covering of a part of the castle, which suffers a lot from the bad weather and whose continuous collapse represents a danger AND a risk of losing a new part of this beautiful castle !  


This is an important step for the security work, but also for future restoration and maintenance work ! This is only the beginning, but as the famous maxim says:  small streams make great rivers! 


The goal is :

We participate in the event castle challenge for a landing at 10,000€. The goal is two fold. Preserve the existing  one and prepare the building for future restoration. Closing the roof panels, consolidating the attic, continuing the security work.

We are very hopeful that we will be able to carry out these tasks. the survival of this jewel of heritage is at stake.

Our predecessors built it, maintained it, evolved it, and it is up to us to preserve it so that it can be passed on to future generations. Let everyone visit it and enjoy this millennium of stories it contains.


Calligramme Association

Valuing private or publicheritage, architectural or landscape, ensuring its integrity over time and making it become a cultural hub accessible to all;  the objective of this cluster is to propose, through a personalized project: various cultural, recreational and training activities, in order to enable the "resuscitation" of heritage by restoring its place in our present and for the future; with the cultural center, the association proposes an accessible future.

The Calligramme association brings together a group of heritage enthusiasts from various backgrounds (architects, landscapers, videographers, artists, teachers, technicians) around one objective: the enhancement of heritage.

It currently consists of 31 members.


You can support this project :

       - By donating online by credit card on this page after  registering on the  Dartagnans website

       - By making a bank transfer starting at 1000 euros  after  registering on the  Dartagnans website

       - For French donors only,by sending a cheque, on the back of which you will include your email address,written in the following order"Association Calligramme", sent to the following address : 


Campaign Save the Château de Veauce 

 15 rue de Milan 

 75009 PARIS


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Your help is fundamental and decisive! Every move is a step forward towards rescuing the place! A huge thank you!

You can contact us by email: [email protected]

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Our website:  https://www.chateau-de-veauce....


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Your gesture will forever be engraved in stone, on a plaque dedicated to this purpose.
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