Sauvons la tour Saint-Jean du Château de Bourmont!

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Saint John tower at the Castle of Bourmont Let's save one of the towers of the old fortress of Bourmont from total collapse.
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St John tower for all, all for St John tower!

We want to launch a renovation campaign to stabilize the remains of an imposing 15th century tower at the SW angle of the castle of Bourmont, located at the border between Anjou and Britany, in the Loire-Atlantique French department (44).

This tower has stand guard for more than 5 centuries and is a testimony to the defensive role that the castle of Bourmont played as a French kingdom’s fortress against the Duchy of Britany.

The castle of Bourmont played an important role in French history during the royalist uprising called "the Chouannerie war" in 1795. It has witnessed terrible fights during this revolutionary periods which opposed the « Whites-Royalists » to the « Blues-Republicans » in a fratricidal war during which the castle burnt many times.

This tower used to be an essential part of the defence device in 1795 when Bourmont became the headquarters of the Catholic and Royal Army of General Scépeaux. This is also where the Maréchal Louis de Bourmont (1773-1846), ancestor of the actual owner, is buried. His descendants, having inherited such a rich history, put a lot of effort and energy to keep his memory alive.

Amaury de Bourmont, 53, and his wife Servane, 45, represent the 25th generation of the family living at Bourmont. They have decided to embark on an ambitious project and save this 15th century amazing vestige which is so important to the architectural unity of the place. 

Bourmont is not just a family house. As historical witness of French history, “Bourmont” is open to the public on a regular basis, such as on European Heritage Days, every year in September, or for local and regional events.

Help us restore it to its former glory

so more generation can appreciate it.



We intend to save Saint John tower from a total collapse by stabilizing it. Unfortunately, the restoration made in 1850 was poorly engineered and the tower collapsed 50 years ago!

The first step of the work will be to secure the construction site by fixing the watchtower, also called “échauguette”, which threatens to collapse. Then, the rubble at the foot of the tower will be sorted out in order to be able to re-use the stones that are not too damaged.

The second step will be to stabilize the remaining and very fragile walls by injecting them with high quantities of lime. This will save the masonry and reinforce the construction.

The third step will be to protect the whole building against bad weather (rain, wind,…) with  lead cover.

In order to allow the public to enjoy the view from the tower, we would like to build a terrace inside the ruin so every visitor could see the view and imagine what it was like to be on watch from the top of the tower…

Treasure hunt

Last but not least, we would like to restore an old stone dating back the Renaissance period (1564) carved with the coat of arms of the famous Maillé de La Tourlandry and Rohan families. This treasure was found by chancein 1996 in the rubble at the foot of the tour. The stone (especially its frame) is damaged but not enough so that it can’t be saved.



Who are we?

Heirs of the castle of Bourmont in our family since 1697, we are, with our 4 children, the 25th generation to be the keeper of this estate. This is a family project. Our goal is to share our love for it and
transmit its memory. We want to keep Bourmont alive! But we need your help!

How can you support this project?

You can help us in our project to save the past by:

  • Making a donation online by credit card on this page
  • Or with a bank transfer

they support us

thank you very much for your help and support!

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